Saturday, February 6, 2016

Valentines gift bag

Hello everyone!!!
Tanya-Freetany here. I have work to inspire you to join in our Photo Inspiration Challenge.
Just a few day ago has started our new challenge!
In month February we will play with colour pallet from that photo:

Make a bag of white watercolor paper.
Let's start with making background using some water, paintbrush and sprays. I used mists: green, yellow, blue, and gold. 

Wet the paper with water and add few drops of each colour you picked for your base. Let your paints to bleed into each other mix.
To add some interest to the background add some black or brown splatters.
Apply the color texture Fabrika dekora through a stencil.

Next step is stamping. Adding different stamps.
Next I created composition using die cuts and embellishments.
And our bag is ready!

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Thanks for your attention! Have a nice day!